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rob and kathy capper

Rob and Kathy Capper

My wife and I were recommended to Peter a year or so by a colleague. We were looking to get some advice on our finances as we had just got married (both for the second time) had just bought a house together, and were at that difficult age where most of our working life was behind us and pension planning was becoming a priority.

We are both "good with our money" but felt it was important to get independent advice as we started our new life together. Like many people we had various old frozen pensions from previous employments and recognised that we had lost touch with them and were uncertain as to both the fund value, and if they were value for money.

Other concerns we had included planning to reduce the term of our new mortgage, life insurance, various tax matters and new wills.

Peter's approach is extremely methodical, relaxed and professional. We have met both in our home and at his offices. The initial stages are a review of all current costs and incomes – providing the figures for this is of course down to the individual to produce the necessary numbers, although Peter does provide excellent assistance and quite an impressive software package to help this process.

This analysis is used to provide a picture of "now". Extrapolations are made to show the financial outlook at various points in the future – for example at retirement. Milestones can be built into the analysis - for example daughter's weddings! and pinch points or surpluses can be examined. It allows you to make modifications as you go along so you can basically look at the total picture from "now" and into the future.

"peter at all times patiently and efficiently guides you through the process"

The software that Peter uses is very simple and powerful; however the old adage of "rubbish in rubbish out" certainly applies. We would urge you all to spend some time analysing your costs, incomes and lifestyle goals, it will certainly make the planning process more accurate.

After the software has performed its magic, specific tasks may be required to put you on the right path. For example we had a slew of letters regarding old frozen works pensions, letters to the tax man, and some new life insurance. Peter at all times patiently and efficiently guides you through the process. He happily explains any technical issues – there does not appear to be any stupid questions!

The final part of Peters approach is on-going maintenance – We believe it is typically an annual review. We have just completed our first annual review and it is surprising how much has changed in a year. All changes can be fed into the software and the good or bad news can be identified. If bad news – preventative measures can be taken. If good news – spend spend spend (joke)

On a personal level, we find Peter to very professional, knowledgeable, punctual and also a thoroughly decent chap to boot. We both heartily recommend him.

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